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So Close, So Far

"So Close, So Far"
Being inside this jail seems so far away
But I'm so close to The Manor I can feel it.
If I could somehow get outside and yell "Aunt Bert"
On a calm day I know she would hear it.
I miss the green grass, and taking out the trash
And my friends who I could walk and go see.
My walks are no more, instead of grass, concrete floors
And I'm starting to think niggas forgot about me.
From my tiny slim window I can view the pine trees
And the cars that pass on Elmhurst Lane.
And at night I can see the lights over on Victory
Where business at WaWa goes on just the same.
I miss Nero Drive, and Armfield Road, too
Because that's where my husband still resides.
He writes, sends pictures, and we talk on the phone
But my heart wants to see him with my own eyes.
I miss my dog Seti, and his childish ways
And even the mischief he creates.
I miss hearing him bark, running wild at the dog park
And especially the faces he makes.
I miss my big bed, a California king.
Where there's room for us and our four-legged son.
But I'll get all that back, I trust and believe
When all of this is over and done.


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