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I've been feeling better lately and decided to try to formulate some kind of structure to my blog so that I can give myself a bit more versatility in the topics that I write about. Although, I like to write about the things I feel strongly about at the time, it often leaves my writing somewhat redundant (in my opinion), and some preparation would greatly help in me being a bit more creative. Ya think?

Anyway, if I start today, that would mean I need to find some catchy phrase that will give me a targeted topic for Wednesdays in general. What better than #WellnessWednesdays! Personally, it's something I've not been that involved in or excited about, but doing this will give me a chance to research about products, treatments, techniques, etc., that will help me and those who read my blog to make better choices when it comes to their wellness. Also, being HIV positive, I'm sure there are some things that I can find and share that can help those of who are positive to gain…