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The Confederacy Falls Again!

Since the events in Charlottesville on Saturday, there has been a revived debate on whether the monuments erected all over the American South are relevant and whether they should be taken down or left to stand with more context to the history they are part of. As a Virginian, I've seen these types of monuments everywhere in my state, and there's even one in my hometown of Portsmouth, VA that has been the topic of controversy lately. 
People want these monuments removed. They don't seem to care where they go or what happens to them, but in a country where we all want to be able to honor our history and heritage, we have to provide some kind of plan for incorporating these things into our national history, because the Civil War did happen, and millions of men did die in it.
As a student of history, I understand that movements don't just die out when a generation does. People's emotions and feelings are real on both sides, and even those who we feel shouldn't hav…

Just tired of living...

I'm tired of life. I'm tired of being expected to stay positive when I literally have nothing. I'm tired of being alone and lonely. I'm tired of being broke, or having just enough money not to do anything. I'm tired of having no type of job to identify myself with. I'm tired of owing people money that I'll never be able to pay back. I feel like I wasted my time doing well in school and going to and graduating from college. Nobody sees me as a well-spoken and intelligent college graduate, I'm just a worthless convicted felon who has to continue pay for the mistakes that I've made even though I've served my time and paid my debt to society.

I've been looking for work and I just feel like giving up. The process just seems to backwards and stupid to me. If I take the time to fill out an application or to send in a cover letter and resume, why do I have to contact you yet again to follow up? Either I'm good enough for an interview or I'm …