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Greater Than One Nation

African-American, Black, Colored, Negro
Why so many different names?
In reality we are all ONE PEOPLE
Even if we don't look the same
Some say we're the original Egyptians
Others claim they're Hebrew Israelites
There are even Moorish Nationals
But all of them are right
The motherland has blessed us
With such rich physical diversity
Skin tones that range from dark to light
Make us a rainbow of humanity
We may practice different rituals
Or worship in a different way
But we all believe there is a God
No matter if we face East or West when we pray
We've never held just one religion
Or lived in just one location
WE are at home all around the world
We are greater than any one nation
What they call us now doesn't matter
Names change, as time comes and goes
But what's most important now is our unity
Coming together so our sons and daughters know
That they are heirs to many kingdoms
Even further than their eyes can see
And that they can be great, or greater, the greates…

Miss Wright

If doing your job isn't your job
Then what are you here to do?
Why not just quit, and stay your ass home
So that I won't have to look at you

No one held you at gunpoint, and made you apply
To become a C. O. in this jail
But a career change might be an option for you
If you have issues changing channels, and passing out mail

Or are you just here to boss people around
To help life up your low self esteem
Well, I'm sorry your life didn't turn out as planned
Because working here could not have been your dream

It's not my fault that you hate your job
You should have gotten some more education
Or applied at the shipyard, became an apprentice
And picked up a trade or vocation

I know it's probably hard, to be who you are
And at your age not know how to read or write
But that's still not my fault, and keeping it real
Check your fucked up attitude before coming back tonight

From Cell To Cell...

Bennie and Patricia combined cells and made me
Buster and Bert did their best to raise me
At Norcom, Alpha Chi for damn sure hazed me
But all that's helped me become who I am

To Nashville I went, off to Fisk for college
There I studied, and people watched from the Tree of Knowledge
Walked the same paths as the Ancestors and paid them homage
And learned the history I'd been taught was a sham

Back to the Commonwealth I came when it was time to return
Still so much to do, experience, accomplish and learn
There were now men to date, and there were more trees to burn
But I had a goal, so I tried hard to stay on track

My 20s were like the twister that took Dorothy to Oz
I fell in and out of what felt like love and found that I was Poz
But I was still determined that I could beat all the odds
So I dug in my heels and did not look back

For a few years I tried avoiding fate
But eventually enrolled myself at Norfolk State
The green and gold hood on me, it looked and felt so great
But I…