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Virginia's 2017 Elections

As I've said before, I can't vote, but I'm still very interested in local, state and federal politics. At the beginning of November, Virginia held elections and the democrats swept across the state with wins at the state and local levels. I'm proud of the people of the Commonwealth who came out in great numbers to reject the policy and personality of the Trump administration and the republican party that's been leading them nowhere since the Presidential election in 2016.

One election I followed with special interest was the race for Commonwealth's Attorney in my hometown of Portsmouth, VA. My high school friend Stephanie Morales was the incumbent, and she won her election by a large margin. I'm so proud of her and happy that our city chose her again to bring justice to the citizens of our wonderful city. She's a dedicated public servant and she's the most qualified and experienced person for the job. She's not only done a great job as the city&…