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On Millie's Dresser

My mom sent me a letter...

From jail...
It’s been on my bedroom dresser for two days
Opened, but unread

Her inmate number is familiar

I’ve seen it on so many cards
On birthdays and Christmas
I looked forward to those!
But this one...
It’s been on my bedroom dresser for two days
I know that yellow legal paper
I know most of what’s written on it too
We’ve done this all my life
I owe part of my ability to write well to her
My dad didn’t write us much
He called
And came by when he was out
But mom wrote
And wrote well
But right now I don’t want to read it
Because I’m not ready to go back there right now
I’m not in the space to deal with it right now
It’s been on my bedroom dresser for three days

I'm a Godfather!!! (AGAIN)

Introducing my little princess, Anjali. She is so beautiful!

A Weekend Renewal

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a "Transformation Retreat." It was a weekend getaway for persons infected with HIV, and part of a series of other retreats and programs by The Renewal Projects, an organization in Richmond, VA. The experience was amazing, unforgettable, life-changing, and any other word you could think of to describe a simply beautiful weekend. We didn't have a large group, which at first seemed to be a bit of a bummer. But, it turned out to be the thing that made the experience that much better for myself, and I hope for the rest of the people who attended.

There were no televisions or radios. Our rooms were simple. The only lights outside were those lining the sidewalk from the two cabins we stayed in down to the "Shalom House" where we had our group meetings and activities, as well as our meals. The food was great, too!

We practiced meditation and got to exercise every morning. There was a memorial service where we got …