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Defending Norcom

Someone who goes by the pseudonym "Giovanni Alexander" on Facebook wrote this article talking about Norcom and a recent riot that I find completely distasteful and biased. I offer my rebuttal below:

How dare you say there is nothing more "hood" than I. C. Norcom? Our popularity in recent years as a nominee and winner of a few "Hoodie Awards" only speaks to the most recent part of our legacy, which spans OVER 100 YEARS. (That's a century in case you didn't know) I appreciate you mentioning that our marching band is legendary, which they are. They are not called "The Pride of Portsmouth" for nothing. I hope you understand that band is much more than just music, it's discipline, it's creativity, it's precision. Those things are not only taught in the band room, they are constant themes in every classroom at Norcom. I know, because I went there, unlike you. Oh, and before you assume that everyone at Norcom grew up in poverty, don't. There is nothing more irritating than being cast into poverty simply because you live in Portsmouth or you attend a certain school. Many of us come from much more affluent, civilized, and cultured homes than you can probably imagine. Our mothers are members of AKA and Links, Inc., we attend debutante cotillions and meetings of Jack and Jill. So, once again, watch that poverty talk and don't assume every other Black person you see was like you. You mentioned Portsmouth's "leper's". Who are they? We don't turn away from our own who may be afflicted. We are a Portsmouth family. 

Now, to the riot. I was not there, as I believe you were not either as you are not a student, teacher, staff or administrator at the school or any other. You say it was the worst in 10 years... How do you know? I graduated there in 2000, I have friends and family who have attended and attend currently. Are you sure that you are not simply exaggerating like those you have gotten your information from? Kids fight. It didn't start in 2015, or even 2000. I'm sure children have been fighting in school for as long as they've been going. I'm not saying they're right for doing so, but who are you to call them such disgusting and demeaning names. Do you know what the kids may have going on in their personal or family lives? Do you know what they might be going through mentally by themselves? Do you know anything about anyone you talked about in your article? Who are the villains? Are you trying to say that the students are against the teachers? Because that's not what goes on at Norcom. Like any family, there are imperfections. Just like your article, not everything is perfect. Your article brings imagery of miniature demons, soldiers, machine gun nests, savagery? These are not words that you use lightly when talking about people's children. Especially when you are known to be a liar, fraud, and can't even speak under your own name or showing your face.

You know what, I was going to go line by line and address each of your misguided and bullshit concerns, but I'm not even going to do that. I'm going to give you the savage type of response that you're expecting. 

Gordon Dyson, I believe your name is. Who the fuck are you to speak about Norcom, it's staff or it's students in that way? Are you qualified to teach? Probably not. You say we can tell of more friends who have died than those who have gone on to college? Fuck you. I have one friend who has died of gun violence. ONE. But I have dozens of friends who went on to colleges such as UVA, Spelman, Hampton, Howard, and even HARVARD. So once again, stop stereotyping my people. You say this is the school that the young man Omar went now we're blaming victims? That boy was employed and gunned down behind is JOB. Why not blame the behavior on those who committed it, who had no connection to I. C. Norcom High School. Sir, you are simply reaching and spreading bullshit to make yourself relevant, which you will never be.

The issues you talk about are not just NORCOM issues, but American issues. Black and White kids everywhere miss days of school and are hauled into court pleading guilty for truancy. Why do you have to trust our School Board or the numbers from Norcom? Do you have children there? Are you from Portsmouth? Have you donated to a program or group? What is your vested interest? 

Instead of playing a game of semantics with you, this is what I'm offering. I challenge you to an official public debate on these issues you discuss in your article. I don't work. Have no commitments to keep me from attending. You choose the time and place, and I will make sure every seat in the house is full. You will have a free and open forum to state your facts and figures, and I will have no more or less of an advantage if the truth is all we seek to expose. I'll even let you choose a moderator of your liking, so that you don't feel unfairly disadvantaged by the Portsmouth political machine, which by the way I am not part of in any way, shape or form. So, what say you? Yea? Nay? I'll come to you so you won't even have to travel. I'll make the 101 mile trip back, just for you.

Anyone who could spew such biased hatred disguised as bad statistics and 8th grade adjectives should welcome an opportunity to debate a Norcom alumnus, degreed in history at Norfolk State, another school you seem to have issue with. If those two institutions are broken and incapable of producing anything but these savages you speak of, then please...accept my challenge.


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