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The 4th is a Lie

They say today is a holiday
They call it the Fourth of July
But as the U.S. celebrates it's independence
I refuse to buy in to the lie

How can you call this the "land of the free"
And proclaim it "the home of the brave"
All the while being hypocritical
By making the African your slave

You talk about freedom and liberty
And God-given unalienable rights
But in order to claim what the Creator had given
My people had to march, boycott, and fight

I once pledged allegiance to the American flag
And to the republic for which it stands
But no longer do I salute the red, white and blue
Because my Ancestors' blood are on American hands

I no longer join in "The Star Spangled Banner"
I'd rather "Lift Every Voice And Sing"
And the only monument I visit when in DC
Is that of Dr. Martin Luther, The King

Yes, it's true that I was born in this land
But the U.S. will never be my home
'Cause my heart and my soul are fully African
The Motherland runs deep in my bones

So spare me the hot dogs and hamburgers, too
Cancel the fireworks up in the night sky
Replace red, white and blue, with Red, Black and Green
And let's put an end to this American lie


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